New Trends in 3D Modeling and Printing Technologies with PetitMe Pioneering Products such as Custom 3D Trophies

PetitMe is using high-tech 3D modeling and 3D printing technologies to explore many uses and ideas for our 21st century keepsake products and services, such as never-been-seen-before 3D custom trophies and awards used by individuals, schools, athletic leagues and sports clubs. All types of youth and adult recreational sports groups, golf and tennis clubs are creating PetitMe 3D-printed trophies to celebrate competitions and sporting achievements in a fun and exciting, new way.


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Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a 3D custom basketball trophy of your child with his face printed on it instead of a generic old metal figure like the old-fashioned ones? Our 3D-printed trophies are customized complete with the correct team uniform and colors, even with the player’s number on the front and back of the jersey too. We take care of all the details to make sure the trophy is as true-to-life as possible.


PetitMe Basketball Trophy, and Dance Recital or Gymnastics Trophies


Our 3D trophies are better than the old-style, boring metal ones and they are quickly becoming a popular new trend that we are proud to have pioneered within the business. Our trophies and awards come with a custom base and plaque showing all the details of the special day or achievement with your name(s), the team, league, company name, event date, a personal quote or inspirational message…. the possibilities are endless.


Little League Trophy for Youth Baseball and Sports Clubs


We’ll work with you to create the perfect, custom model to be fashioned into a unique 3D-printed trophy. You will always have it to remember your child looked at that time, even more special to have it in 20 or 30 years. Imagine looking at your PetitMe trophy years later, showing it to your child to see what they looked like when they were 14-years-old and won their first tennis school championship – priceless!


A 3D-Printed Tennis Trophy, with the player’s face printed on it!


Contact PetitMe today so you can learn how we can create custom 3D trophies for sports clubs and athletic leagues, select your choice of sports figurines for competition trophies and awards. We can assist any of your 3D printing needs, no job is too big or small.